Night 1/?

I woke up in dirt. Soil stained under my fingernails, crammed into my nostrils, filling my throat and mouth. My ears were stuffed, too. Imagine a sensory deprivation
tank except you’ve actually just been buried alive and the dirt is blocking nearly all of your senses. But, like, was I even alive? When I was buried, I mean. I have no
memory of how I ended up in the ground. Life was normal, life was life and then I opened my eyes and couldn’t see. What a twisted-ass feeling, man. I tried to scream
but I fucking couldn’t. It sure as hell felt like I was dying if I hadn’t already. Me and the dirt got real intimate for a solid hour before the rain seeped down to my level
and I could move the mud around with my arms and legs. And I made it to surface-level. I could feel something other than soil and mud and water. There was a shit
ton more water and it was like a goddamn baptism. And there was air. There was life. I didn't know if I was alive then, if I ever was at all.

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