All of your Syscon Dire needs-

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While my new wesbite is still under construction, I'd like to direct all inquiries (especially newbies!) about any Syscon Dire lore
and info to this incredible, community-sourced page that has absolutely everything you need to know. It's the best place to start. The
siterunners have worked closely with me on a number of occasions to fact-check, research, and provide the most accurate and necessary
information about SD, Whitmere, and all of the lost famlilies to those who are interested. Here's a link to their welcome post: The Legends of Syscon Dire.
I would encourage you to start there before exploring further. After you read this, search through the page, get as much info as you can. You can also submit
questions as well as posts with your own experience or what have you. Enjoy! And be sure to watch this space as I work on re-building my site,
continue working on my book, and especially for my planned trip inside the house coming up VERY SOON.
I can't wait to share what I find!