a room

You’ll need a room not too big, but spare enough room for movement. Allow for the unexpected (we expect it) need to hug the carpet.
Be sure to cover the walls in muted tones; neutrality is key. Think grays and creams, perhaps hues of blue just depressing enough to
wrap you in its arms, squeezing tightly until the suffocation is imminent. It is immediate. Nobody should be able to breathe in this room.
There is no fun in funeral. Place Kleenex boxes at every corner, on top of each embroidered accent table. The ultimate decoration. Meant
for use, they are meant for abuse. Line the waste baskets with a layer of plastic strong enough to hold the weight. Paired with flowers as
a currency of condolence. And then there are the people. Suits and blouses, dark shades covering legs and feet trying to move forward.
Back and forth they shuffle— the ins and outs of grief. They break for coffee and for fresh air, their clothes stained in salt.